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My brother called because he couldn’t get a hold of my parents to tell them that heifers were out.  So, I told the Little Farmer to get dressed quick, we had to go.  The kid was so excited about this unscheduled round-up that he was jabbering the entire drive.  I stopped him and reinforced the quiet rule for working with cattle.  I explained that spooking them by yelling could be a big problem.

cattle walking on road

This is not a pretty picture!

This was the site at the scene.  I pulled up in front of the gate to help them make the turn, and then I unwired, unchained and unhooked the gate to open it.  The heifers walked calmly and easily back in the pasture with their herd mates.

heifer reunion

Heifer reunion

holstein heifers in pasture

Holstein heifers posing for a picture

heifers in pasture up close

Who me? Acting like nothing really happened.

Then we took a walk and found this tree down over the fence.  We’ve had some pretty nasty storms in the past week, so this was no surprise.

tree on fence 1

tree on fence 2My dad got his chain saw, we picked up some metal fence posts, a driver, wire and pliers.

The kid ran like a flash to the downed fence.

kid shadow

A big farmer’s shadow, a little farmer

He’s like a shadow that you can trip over.

I don’t have very many pictures because I was definitely told in a stern voice, “Not to be fiddling around with my camera.”  Or something like that…

limb in fence

The Little Farmer whined and said he couldn’t pull this through the fence. My dad told him to stop whinning and get it done. He did. He pulled the whole thing through the fence.

The kid has the roll of wire, and he was helping unwind it when papa or mommy needed more.

fixing fence

The Little Farmer has energy, it just takes a lot of adult energy to keep him focused.

I’m glad it was a fairly easy fix.  I’m glad my family was around to put them in.  I hope they don’t go for a Sunday morning stroll again, while I believe you can worship pretty well anywhere I believe there is true encouragement in regularly worshiping with a group of believers.