I made it through the Little Farmer’s first season of an organized sport.  Now we’re back to life as normal.  The kid is less rested than he was before as he has to sit or stand for most of our normal activities.

Little Farmer life in the outfield

Immediately after the t-ball season he still had an unfathomable amount of energy, even to a twenty-something adult.  So my dad hooked him to a car.

Getting use out of a new found chain, tow hooks on the car and leg muscles!

There’s a pedal tractor pull at our local fair.  I’ve never entered him in it, but if he moves this car or rips the back end off his tricycle I’m guaranteed entering him this year.  If the car moves, I might quit my job and start traveling to kiddie tractor pulls regularly.  I wonder if winning those would actually pay bills?

We round baled some hay.  The Little Farmer said it was hot and itchy.  He expressed dislike for the air conditioning being broken in this tractor.  He expressed overall appreciation for getting to ride in a tractor.

The Little Farmer enjoys posing with farm equipment for the camera

We made some Smores cookies found on Pinterest via Katie @ Pinke Post.  I actually learned about this recipe in a weekly summary of pins from Pinterest as opposed to being on the actual site.

Finally, on my day off work we drove a few hours to pick up a mini pig barn that shows what it’s like inside real pig barns.  The barn was created to help tell the story about what is happening on modern pig farms.  The barn barely leaves enough room for a car seat.  You should know that even the Little Farmer is sacrificing comfort for the good of agriculture.  Shortly we’ll be meeting up with a guy driving from Iowa to a pork promotion on the mall in Washington D.C. this weekend.

Little farmer talking about tractors and surrounded by a mini pig barn.

Yes, life is back to normal.