I had no interest in involving my four year old in any officially organized sport, but my family ganged up and decided differently.  I had no choice about this t-ball ordeal.  I’m grateful that tonight’s game was cancelled for rain.  I’m more grateful for the rain, but honestly it feels like a big double win.

I’m just not interested in sports.  If I go, it’s for the social aspect.  I think the Little Farmer’s interest in sports might be hereditary.

T-Ball & Dirt <—This is a funny video!

I appreciate a good friend taking these pictures the other night.

#00 was assigned because it could be tractor tires or a pig’s snout

His son, a varsity baseball player, just graduated from high school.  His wife said the game they observed was baseball as it was meant to be played.

He actually made it to second base…

3rd Base

All Star T-Ball Catcher <— From a previous game…a really funny video!

2nd time as catcher

Some of the best effort the whole game…

I’ve seen a picture of dirt going around the internet that says “You see dirt, a farmer sees potential”

A good hit!


This is real focus in the outfield…just not on the game…

He’s thinking, “The last time I spent this much time in one field I planted something (corn or soybeans) and then it grew”

I talked to my mom tonight as they were driving back from a day trip.  I said, “T-ball was cancelled.”

She said, “Oh, that’s good.”  Oh – as in, oh I completely forgot even though you gave me a schedule and told me again yesterday.

I said, “Yeah, you had something else to do, not because you were bored, but because you have legitimate demands on your time and it just didn’t work out to go to t-ball.  That’s what I thought a few months ago when I didn’t want to sign an uninterested four year old up for this commitment.”

She said, “Easy, the game was cancelled and you were lucky to have a lot of practices cancelled because of rain.  You can make the last game of the season this week.”

I’m grateful for kind, caring encouraging coaches and coaching help!  Otherwise I would’ve sat on the bleachers and tried to actually learn how to use my smart phone while he was laying in the outfield.