That’s a good question.  I believe the origin of this blog has a lot to do with a couple friends.

I was certainly not in the first, or probably second, maybe not even the third wave of farmers to join the blogosphere.  I was aware of the activity and I watched the farm and ranch bloggers.  As I would hang out with the two friends I would continually ask what motivates (insert name here) to write about that?  What motivates XXX to take the time to do that?  Sometimes we enjoyed a rousing dialogue speculating why.  Then one time I remember friend A yelling something like, “Quit asking what motivates people to do everything.”  her tone implied that I was annoying, all the while friend B might’ve been pretending to be in Cinderella’s castle at Disney World.  What I took away from this closing conversation on indecision to start a blog was: do it or don’t.  If I go they’ll support me, and if I don’t they’ll still like me.

Agvocating (working to tell the story of agriculture) is part of my job, but I’m motivated to learn more and become more involved because I want my son to have the opportunity to farm full-time in the United States of America should he have the interest down the road.  I understand that if those of us involved in agriculture don’t take the time to tell what is happening on our farms and ranches someone will.  My personal goal is to become a resource for food purchasers that do not have daily contact with a farm but that have questions about how their food is raised.

There have been some additional benefits of blogging, like making new friends, learning stuff and encouraging people.  The world certainly can use more encouragement.  Are you up for some agvocating?  Please consider applying for this great opportunity – AgChat Foundation 2.0 Conference or attending the Ohio Farm Blogging Workshop.