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Apply make-up, get my hair to stay in the same general style for more than 20 minutes and avoid biting my nails for more than 48 hours all on my own, but I did.  Then I did a cooking demonstration on television.

WTTE FOX 28 – Good Day Columbus – MONDAY: Pork for Cookouts.

I got home and the Little Farmer said, “Did you see me?”  I was confused.  My mom offered clarification.  She said, “Near the end when you looked up he swore that you were looking right at him.  He wants to know if you could see him.”

My answer, “I can always see what you’re doing.  So behave!”

The last time I put this much effort into how I looked was at a friend’s wedding…last year.  You know why?  Okay, I’ll tell you…because it took longer to apply my make-up than it did to grill my pork, and that just doesn’t fit into my schedule.

As I laid down for a short rest, The Little Farmer said in a very concerned voice, “There’s black stuff on your eyes.”  We were headed to the farm, and conditions were very hot and humid.  So, I did the only logical, comfortable thing I knew to do.  I washed it all off and carried on with my day.

The last time I did a demo on TV was on this same station.  It was just about the time that the Little Farmer forced me to shop the maternity section.  It was the awkward time when the unknowing, unsuspecting person would’ve simply recommended doing some sit-ups.  It was a point that I could’ve really used an encouraging word about my appearance.  Guess who else happened to be in the studio that day?  Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear.  The good news is he didn’t even notice me, so there were no comments to be feared.