It takes a smart kid to recognize one of the best cuts and best values in the meat case...pork loin!

Yes, on some undetermined day far out in the future I’ll tell him that most four year olds weren’t able to identify a pork loin, where it comes from on the hog or share several meal ideas (chops, roast, kabobs, stir fry, fajitas, strips for salad) from that cut.  I might tell him that he was unusually enthusiastic about the opportunity to carry it through the store.  I might casually mention that “promoting pork” (that’s what he says I do) isn’t a super common job in other social circles. 

I might also tell him that most people don’t let their yard get as tall as ours.  It’s not that we don’t care, we’ve just been busy running a bigger tractor helping my dad get ready to plant corn.  Maybe I’ll justify that we tried to save fossil fuels by mowing less for Earth Day.  I’ll probably also tell him to be leary of all these companies claiming to be earth friendly because it’s trendy and the thing to do.  

If he keeps his mind set on farming most of his waking time as he grows I’ll make sure he learns a lot about taking care of the environment every day of the year.  I wonder if we’ll be eating pork during that conversation?