The Little Farmer and I have had the chance to get back behind the wheel and harness some horsepower.  We’ve been chisel plowing in our trusty John Deere. Plowing is a form of tillage.  My family tries to no-till (not use tillage) in some fields.  The plow is used anywhere that manure has been spread and needs to be worked into the soil, and it can also help smooth out ruts.  We have a lot of ruts this spring as last fall and winter were incredibly wet and muddy. 

Taking a nap in the cab of the John Deere

This farmer didn’t even leave the field for a nap.  You should know he’s not the fall asleep anywhere kind of kid.  He’s picky about where he sleeps and I think he worries about missing things enough to keep those eyelids up on days they just need to drift.  The warmth of the afternoon sun and drowsiness got the best of him here and he gave in for 30 minutes or so.

Some day soon I’m probably going to wonder why I let this happen. There was a small patch in the center of the field, a gap between sections that I’d been working on. It was only half the width of the plow, so it would’ve been hard to mess up. So he sat on my lap and pushed my hands off the wheel. He even got to make a turn. I think he drives better than some adults that I’ve ridden with. I’ll avoid listing names in hopes of preventing future akward conversations.

Here’s a video I took a couple weeks ago as I was Plowing Through Life.  I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to embed it a couple times.  Here’s the link in case you know me and would like a laugh…