It was some federal holiday when the big girls at the babysitter were home from school, but my office was open.   So my Little Farmer dictated a story and one of the big girls wrote and illustrated it.

Pig Book Page 1

"I love pigs" no way, me too!

I’m not surprised that his first book was about pigs.  I’m not even surprised that at the mere age of three he hit most of the key messages that I strive to share with the non-farming public about pigs.

 Pig Book Page 2

-I’m speechless…

Within moments I began to second guess him…is a three year old really capable of this high level of work?  So I asked the babysitter if he really said the words that were written on the page, or did her daughter “polish” it up.

She laughed at me.  She said, my girls don’t know that stuff.

Read closely and you’ll notice the confusion about whether to call them pigs or hogs.  We have the same confusion trying to figure out what to call the people who raise swine.  It’s been so hard to choose between pig farmer, hog farmer, or pork producer that we scrapped them all and recently went to bacon farmer, ham farmer and pork chop farmer.  It takes special talent in a toddler to recognize the depth of struggles that their parent faces on a regular basis just trying to do a job.

Pig Book page 3

Note the internal dilemma whether to call them pigs or hogs. It's so nice to have somebody understand you struggles!

It was honestly one of my proudest parenting moments yet.  I knew I changed all those dirty, smelly diapers for a reason.  Aren’t you excited also?