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You bet it caught my attention when my three year old started saying, “This is a job for a man,” and then he kept repeating it over and over and over.  I went to see what was happening right away.

He was determined to take this box up the stairs by himself and put it together.

"This is a job for a man"

He already has a shelf from the same company that is bigger and I thought this one would fit next to it nicely.  We gave away the diaper changing table a few months ago, so there is space. 

Guess the man is getting a little worn down

The Little Farmer decided to allow a girl to “help” him carry it up the stairs just to discover it was the wrong color!

The man conceded that he could use some help

I looked at the color selection and thought that I was purchasing the same color as our first one.  Turns out the company quit making a cherry finish.  Since when is fake cherry wood out of style???  I thought cherry was classy!

Another organizational tool gone wrong...

Today I look at this picture and smile, but in the summer of 2008 messes made me mad.  The Little Farmer’s dad, a real farmer used to bring real mud in on his real boots and track it across the floor.   His truck leaked oil in the garage and he created large piles of dirty laundry.  I was mad in a very immature way.  The real farmer wasn’t gone for long and friends cleaned my garage floor, kitchen floor and did the laundry.  The house stayed cleaner… because there was one less person living in it. 

So, I encourage you to hold the people in your life with love instead of holding the dirt and laundry with anger as I used to do. 

To the men out there, just don’t go using this as an excuse to make a mess or self-appoint “man jobs”.  Who taught my kid to say that?  Where do people learn things like that anyway?