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Some friends were over for dinner in early December when on them mentioned the Lowe’s Build & Grow clinics for kids.  I think I had heard of them when my Little Farmer was still borderline infant, but since he has been old enough to know what a hammer is we hadn’t been to a clinic.

In December Lowe’s offered a train.  So, we decided to give it a try.  You show up at Lowe’s at the right time, sign a paper saying that you won’t sue them if your kid hits their thumb or yours, you choose a hammer and build.  The hammer is a loaner, but the rest of the kit you get to take along with you.  My buddy really enjoyed it!

The most recent one was a dinosaur.  I asked the Little Farmer if he wanted me or papa to build the dinosaur with him.  He said, “I want papa to help me.”  I asked why.  He replied, “Well he knows more about dinosaurs because there was one walkin’ around when he was a kid.”

Replica of my dad's old pet

I laughed.  Hard.  My dad said that in passing months ago.  The Little Farmer retained and regurgitated the information at the perfect time!

This has been a great activity to start this winter.  You can take a niece, nephew, friend, cousin, sibling, etc…any kid that you want to hang out with for an hour or so.