The Little Farmer has been into everything Christmas this year.  His mom however is opposed to the consumerism and expense surrounding the superfluous stuff.  But, she does like a good shopping trip every once in a while.

I planned to do a little post Christmas shopping today hoping for really good deals (at least 75% off).  So, I loaded up a less than thrilled Little Farmer to search for some Christmas decorations.

We strategically chose our stores.  I’ve found that the stores near my office tend to have more outdoor and yard decorations on clearance.  I suspect that is because there are more apartments and less yards inColumbusthan in the country.

Our first stop was Home Depot.  We needed a couple more hinges for some home improvement we’ve been busy with this week.

The Little Farmer is still a little shorter than the carts.  Since he doesn’t understand money and he’s still really excited about everything Christmas he just began lifting stuff over his head and the edge of the cart.  It didn’t take long for a shopping attitude adjustment.  He really piled stuff up in a really jolly kind of way.  He also gave an explanation of what he believed each item to be as he tossed them in the cart.

We just got home and he’s taking a nap now.  As he lay tucked in bed he was asking me about some awful, ugly trees that he put in the cart and if he could see them and open them after his nap.  He was even thoughtful enough to load a pack for him and a pack for me.  I would’ve taken pictures, but I had to be clever about sneaking stuff back out of my cart or who knows what would’ve ended up on our receipt if I looked away or took pictures.

Mutually agreed upon items that made it across the scanner.

Our other successful stop was Meijer.  We scored 90% off there.  We got some cute ornaments and these for $.99.

99 cents each for entertaining activities....SCORE!

I was sorting through ornaments and looked down and the first thing I noticed was the kid seriously had ten boxes of gingerbread houses and trains on the bottom shelf of the cart.  The second thing I noticed (this happens to me a lot) is that the people around us stopped shopping long enough to watch the show that is my child.  And they laugh.  He’s pretty intense when he gets something on his mind.  He was loading these boxes like a big farmer might load bales of hay.  He really gets after it when he’s working.

We store decorations under the steps in the basement.  I just went to take pictures for this post when I found that he not only carried this stuff in from the car, he put it away too 🙂

How's that for initiative?

Let’s not get caught up in details like the date as we enjoy new Christmas decorations and gingerbread train making…Merry Christmas!