My Little Farmer took a look at this Christmas card, looked up and immediately asked, “Why is Santa sad?”

He paused and repeated, “Why is his face sad?  Because he lost his reindeer?”

scaring kids everywhere

This is not a real picture. This was created in photoshop by some Case IH lovers.

The precedent in farm culture is that farmers typically choose one color of tractors {John Deere = green, Case IH = red, or some other stuff} and stick to it.  There are a lot of jokes about equipment.  I think color preferences create good conversations.  The Little Farmer has a strong paternal and maternal tradition of green.

I bet the friends that sent this card laughed as they signed it, laughed as they sealed it and kept laughing all the way to the mailbox.

I think the people who sent this card should have to answer the Little Farmer’s questions about Santa and his deer.