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I just typed the title and left out a critical little “r”.  I’d like to report right now should that type of mistake happen again and be published I didn’t mean it.  This isn’t that kind of blog.

The good news from the pineapple juice saga is that I had motivation to organize the pantry again.  It’s been a while since it looked this nice.

Here’s a story that makes me smile:  The last time was actually about two years ago when a then kidless friend watched the Little Farmer while I took her urban husband to the farm to shoot a gun for the first time.  I think the Little Farmer was actually napping.  She told me that she organized things for me because my pantry was such a mess.  I think this was one of the three times in life that I was actually speechless.

This was right around the time my non-grocery bill paying roommate began opening those doors.  He went through a stage of shouting “Bar!  Bar!  Bar!” as in granola bar.  He also began to help himself to a “bar” when he got hungry, like five minutes before dinner.  So I used to keep a wooden spoon on top of the handles so they were “locked” shut in a cheap way.

I’d be a typical mom hurrying to get dinner or get us out the door and packed in the car just as he was getting into “bars” or something in the pantry.  So, I just grabbed it and moved it higher and put something less desirable like fiber cereal at his eye level.  Or I put things in reach that he couldn’t open {at that time anyway}.  The outcome was that it didn’t look very nice.  But, I didn’t just toss stuff in, it got this way for a reason!

My friends that have helped and tried to help have made me smile.  This memory warms my heart!

A more recent change was the addition of the white plastic coated shelf with the Little Farmer’s plates, bowls and cups.  Now that he can exercise self control I have removed the “lock” and allowed him access.  While visiting an out of state friend this summer she shared the idea of putting kids tableware within reach so that they can help set the table.  This has been an excellent idea for us!