I’ve had two different out of town friends over for dinner the past three days.  Each time I almost asked them if they noticed a smell or if I was imagining it.  I’ve been busy working, cooking and cleaning for them along with the mom business, so I hadn’t done much odor investigating on my own.

I suppressed the desire to ask them to or to investigate for myself.  I was afraid of what they or I would find…a dead mouse?  Or bigger?  My imagination was running.

There shouldn’t be a smell, the only perishable product in the cupboard / pantry area is bread and I made sure it was fresh right away.  For the record I think my house is fairly clean.

I finally sat down on the floor and got to business.  Turns out a can of pineapple juice is quasi-perishable.  I used to keep large cans on hand to make bowls on punch.  I had put one in full and pulled it out {of the back corner of the bottom shelf} almost empty.  It had done some fermenting as I was tackling normal responsibilities.  It leaked and fermented on a couple other bottles of juice, one being apple juice.

My little farmer gets juice on seldom occasions as a treat.  So he was crushed {like alligator tears type of crushed} when I pitched a brand new innocent apple juice that was adjacent to the pineapple juice.  I was worried that it might’ve fermented or something and that would be even worse than giving a three-year old a sugar product.

Even after the major cleaning there was still an odor.  I had to take the wood trim off and clean behind that too.  I had no idea pineapple juice could independently carve this much time out of my schedule.

Moral of the story – go do something with your pineapple juice, drink it, cook with it, give it to a co-worker you’re not fond of {joking of course} or throw it out!