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I’m sitting on an airplane in Wichita, KS headed home after a fabulous friend’s astonishing wedding!

The wedding was at a beautiful church in Smolan, KS.  The  reception was at the C&W Ranch in Kansas.

From my plane, I can see crop circle (irrigation pivot) below right now.  The scenery just switched to solid white clouds, so back to business.

Jodi Termine (my friend in pork) married Brandon Oleen (a cowboy).  Each had a good friend stand up front with them during the ceremony.  Turns out the cowboy had some cowboy types help as ushers.  Jodi had another mutual friend in pork, Brooke, and I on hand most of the time.

I met two of the three cowboy type ushers on a visit in April.  Garrett and I got in an argument and he didn’t talk to Jodi again for three months.  It was a pork vs. beef kind of deal and he still hasn’t apologized for being wrong.  Josh, the other one, was cool.

We must’ve made amends as Garrett was the first man to offer up a two-stepping lesson.  Josh was the one who really taught me how.  There is more to come on two-stepping in the next post.

Brooke and I were in pictures and we gave speeches, but Jodi doesn’t like the term bridesmaid, so she didn’t use it.

When Brooke and I were with the guys, Garrett said we were spies.  I’ve never been a spy in Ohio, let alone traveled to what felt like a foreign land to be a spy.  Looking back the spy experience was really fun and super cool!

Here are the speeches – disregard the sketchy filming!