massey ferguson tractor

I realized when looked back at pictures that my Little Farmer had been wearing the same clothes much of the week. There was also a day he was so busy working that he didn’t eat anything until lunch. Laundry and healthy eating may leave a bit to be desired, but the good news is we’ve built some other life skills each week this summer.

picking up rocks
There are no words to describe the sheer joy this child got from pulling his wagon around to pick up rocks. #honestly
Consolidated Grain & Barge on the Ohio River
I had the opportunity to join the Ohio Farm Bureau’s Trends & Issues Conference at Consolidated Grain & Barge on the Ohio River near Cincinnati.

This is a barge being loaded with soybeans to take to the Mississippi River.  North of New Orleans several barges will be loaded onto an ocean going vessel to go to far away places.  My family grows soybeans that may end up feeding farm animals here in the US or somewhere around the world.  It’s neat to learn more of the ways that we’re all connected!

Consolidated Grain & Barge on the Ohio River
Ohio farmers grow soybeans that take boat rides all over the world! Soybeans are used for human food as well as an ingredient in pig, turkey & chicken diets.
massey ferguson tractor
He was confident she would enjoy sitting on a Massey Ferguson tractor.

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