We found a farm birthday party activity that John Deere lovers, Case IH enthusiasts, New Holland fans or whatever brand you cheer for can put aside their differences and truly enjoy…a corn pit!

Kids enjoying playing in corn that is typically used to feed pigs, cows and poultry.

This is our second year to make a cornpit in the garage. I have to admit up front that we got this idea from a friend and then implemented it ourselves.  We just borrowed 9 bales of straw (put them around the edge to form a square), bought a tarp (and wrapped it under the straw) and borrowed some corn from papa. We will return all of the straw and most of the corn.

Everybody that accepted the rule “No throwing corn” thoroughly enjoyed the party.

This is a perfect area to put farm toys in action!

We gave out little John Deere toy tractors as party favors and my mom made cakes. She used about six boxes of cake mix.

That's actually a pile of Oreo's. This was my favorite cake!

She worries about people going hungry.

That's chocolate she put in the mold. What would a Little Farmer's party be without multiple references to John Deere?

I worry about people having properly cooked protein.

This is the kind of meal people remember...properly cooked pork! Yes, I used a meat thermometer and took it off the grill at about 140 degrees.

I don’t think these kids worried about much of anything with abundant entertainment and beautiful weather!

This is ridiculous, but the Little Farmer did really enjoy them.

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